Friday, April 18, 2008


My mom read from a magazine that those kids with speech problem should consult a speech pathologist. I searched from, what speech pathology is and this is what I gathered.

“Speech-language pathology is the study of disorders that affect a person's speech, language, cognition, voice disorders, swallowing disorders and the rehabilitative or corrective treatment of physical and/or cognitive deficits/disorders resulting in difficulty with communication and/or swallowing. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) or Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) address people's speech production, vocal production, swallowing difficulties and language needs through speech therapy in a variety of different contexts including schools, hospitals, and through private practice.”

My mom said that we should get a recommendation from my daugther’s pedia so we can consult a speech pathologist. Honestly I don’t see any problem with my daugther. She can very well express herself, she knows the alphabets, all the colors & shapes. She can even construct sentences composed of two to five words like:
“Mom, help me please.”
“Mom/Dad, where are you”
“Animals from the Ocean”
“This way”

and many others. The only problem is that she is “bulol” and when she gets excited or angry she tends to speak fast and she blabber that we can’t understand her. But my mom and my aunt said that by this age (my daugther is now 2.5 years old), she should be “matatas na” and not “bulol.” This is base on their experiences from us and from all my other cousins.

This makes me really concrened all of sudden. Should I be bothered about my daugther’s speech ability? Should I consult a speech pathologist for an opinion?

Your thougths please.


Jane said...

ako, i dont mind consulting a speech therapist for my own peace of mind and in your case, for your mom and tita's peace of mind. consult lang naman eh. better nag yun so you'll know the real score.

but, re being matatas, i believe it doesnt necessarily come with age. alam mo yun, iba iba nman yan feeling ko. kids develop at different paces eh.

dont worry muna too much sis.

Apols said...

hi abie,

i cant see anythings wrong with bela as long as she can express herself with words as youve said you can understand her, but being 'matatas' is not really a good gauge in having a speech difficulty.

with her age, she can progress quite well if you ask her question all the time, meaning the words will come from her instead of giving question that will only make her say either YES or NO.

for me she's just fine. there are kids kasi showing tantrums all the time cant express what they want , if shes having episodes like this, i think it wont hurt to consult :)

dont worry too much sis

Thea said...

dpat magcomment lang ako pero naisip ko ang haba so nagblog ako about my views:

Kelly said...

hi abie, i don't think you have anything to worry about. As you've said, she could express herself naman, knows to talk in phrases, and even knows colors, shapes, etc.

If you're really bothered though, it wouldn't hurt to ask your pedia during your next check-up. but i'm pretty sure she's developing normally =)

Joy said...

hi sis abie, i honestly don't see any reason why you should worry. iba iba talaga ang kids. kahit saang baby book sinasabi yan. don't expect too much lalo na at smart naman si bela.

kung naniniwala ka talaga sa basehan, mas marami pa dyan na 3 yrs old na konti pa lang alam na words. which again, is normal lang naman tlaga.

don't worry too much! ganyan talaga mga oldies, laging binabanggit si ganito at si ganyan or kaya ikaw pa gagawing example, "bakit nun bata ka ganito ka blah blah". you know what's best for bela, trust your instincts. smile!

issa said...

hi abie,

accdg to this book i read, stammering is very common among kids bela's age. and it often happens when they're upset, or tired or excited. and with how you describe bela's communication skills, i don't think you should worry. instead maybe just be patient and try some techniques when speaking to her like avoiding negative comments when she stammers, and speaking in slow and relaxed tone so she's able to grasp how words are properly pronounced.

For as long as she can express herself verbally, there's no point in worrying at this time...observe mo na lang if she's progressing, besides, iba't iba naman tlg ang development ng kids.

cheer up, dear..she's on track ;)

Jenny said...

You could consult with a speech therapist I suppose, but before you do, keep in mind that Bela is already saying complete sentences. It's only that she is excited that her words tumble out and overlap each other. Sometimes even adults have the tencency to do that, speak too fast, I mean. Relax Sis, it may be just a case of over expectations by the olds. Take care!

Eds said...

for us mommies, we really want the best for our kiddos kaya tlgang worry freak tyo pag sa mga kids, so to soothe ur worry sis wla naman mawawala if mgpaconsult kyo db? So go ahead para maalis narin ang mga worries nila lola at lolo... :)

jan celiz-magtoto said...

hi abie. i don't see any wrong with your daughter's being bulol when she gets excited. it is pretty normal for her age to stutter. take note of these words lang. write it down if you may. during idle time, you may want to practice saying it with her.

it is understandable that your mom suggests you see a speech path. i don't see anything wrong too if you wish to see one. i think that would greatly help your daughter. and you too, on how to handle stuttering.

nothing to lose. it's both win-win.=)

Mich said...

hi abie, i think it's normal for kids getting bulol when they get too excited. naku kapag nadinig mo si Alex nagsalita, kahit isang word wala kang maintindihan. as-in! I used to worry myself but heck, I told myself she should be enjoying for now since she is still a kid minsan we treat her like a baby pa nga. Buti na nakaka-form na si Bela ng sentences, si Alex she can only speak up to 3words, like "Dada Barney Please". Hindi ata considered na sentence yun diba ? lol!

Vannie said...

hi abie,

i agree; although i am not an expert sa topic na toh since my son can't even form sentences yet, but i think hindi naman alarming kung bulol si bea..unless she's 7 tapos hindi mo maintindihan dba?

but for consultation lang naman ung speech pathologist; there's nothing wrong naman din with that para lang you hear it talaga from the experts .


Maybelle said...

hi abie! first of all ang galing na ni bela magsalita! about the consultation, there's no harm naman siguro. if you have the time and means why not diba? baliktad naman ang mommies natin. anton will start his OT next week for behavior modification and sensory integration at mom ko naman ang nagsasabi sakin na walang problema ang apo nya. will blog about this next week :) happy weekend!

Dez said...

Hi Abie! I think it's ok to consult a speech therapist para mawala yung worries mo. My kuya's son who is 3 turning 3 this april eh hindi din makapagsalita before, according to the doctor it's normal lang daw naman, baka late lang daw ang development. but he's now improving. With gabby naman my daughter, naku 7 mos. pa lang she can clearly speak na. I remember, she can say Nanay (My Mom), Tatay(My Dad), Daddy and Mama,ang bilis pa niya magkabisado and loves to sing when she was 2. Tapos naman etong bunso ko na c Nicco, who's turning 2 this coming May, Ngayon palang siya nagstart makapagsalita and medyo bulol pa! He would say AWAW instead of AYAW! NOT instead of NOSE! Would sing barney songs but i couldn't understand not even a single word pero kuha niya sa tono! ahihihi! it depends siguro on the process of development. may late, may advance! pero nothing to worry much!

Jody said...

You can consult a speech therapist for your peace of mind but I think you shouldn't be bothered too much. Kids have different development stages. I can attest that with my two kids. When Margaux was at Bianca's stage now, ang dami nang nasasabi, pero si Bianca, halos wala pa. Our developmental pedia told us ok lang daw. If before two, wala pa raw nasasabi, that's the time we can consider theraphy pero nothing to worry daw about it. Kasi napapag-aaralan daw yan.

yvelle said...

hi! sis, just like other mommies opinion.. there's nothing wrong kung magconsult ka sa speech therapist, pero sa tingin ko wala naman problem si bela kasi nakakapagsalita naman sya. Siguro you need to worry kung di talaga sya nakakasalita at her age. Iba iba naman kasi ang mga bata kaya di talaga dapat icompare, Elyse is also bulol pa rin, pero yung niece ko when she was at the same age with Elyse matatas na sya magsalita.I'm not bothered naman kasi nakakapagsalita din naman si Elyse di pa nga lang ganun kadiretso. Don't worry sis. Just let me know kung ano nangyari. Take care! said...

hi abie, naku ethan din is bulol pag naeexcite sinasabihan ko siya speak properly. i think wag ka muna magworry kasi minsan ang mga pedia and other experts tend to be OA sorry for the term pero kasi thats the way i see it, syempre pano sila kikita bhwhaha! tama si vannie, unless she's 7 at ganon pa rin mag salita dyan ka na magworry or at least pag 4 na siya. too young pa namna si bela! bisous!

Pam said...

hi abie... as what they have said don't worry talaga.. the important thing is bela can understand you.. si andres din as in bulol pa pero when i asked her pedia as long as he can understand instruction and say words no worry muna since kids really develop different ways. my mom is even telling me na kahit ako late na ako nagsalita ng maayos.. pero i am okay naman kahit hindi nila ako pinatingin sa doctor.. pero there's nothing wrong naman seeing a doctor.. basta don't do it because others say.. you are the mom so do what you feel is right :)

shimumsy said...

my daughter ishi is 4 and everytime we go to her pedia for annual she check her development based on her age. they have a guide chart kung ano na dapat ang ginagawa ng bata at what age and stage. the doctor will ask you a lot of questions. so what i suggest is that don't just go to a pathologist on your own, only if recommended by your pedia.

she is only 2 yrs old. she is just learning to talk. i think she is ok.

take care and take a deep breath. don't worry too much. smile ka dyan.
cge na , haba na. 'ala na airtime.

Kitts said...

hi abie! :D personally, i wouldn't go to a speech doctor just yet. i will just continue being patient and teach her by example.

mostly you'll hear vowels from dani pag nagmamadali sya magsalita pero if i ask her to speak slowly and repeat the words minsan naaayos, minsan ganun pa din hihi

likewise, if you can afford to go for consultation, ok lang din, for everybody's peace of mind.

abie said...

Hi mga sis,

Thanks so much sa mga comments nyo, nawala bigla ang worries ko. I know you all are the rigth person to ask because you will give me an honest to goodness advise at di pang bobola lang at syempre base sa experiences nyo sa mga chikiting nyo.

As what joy said, minsan talaga ganun mga oldies noh? Pero I don't think naman they have very high expectations kaya sila ganon. More of they worry too much for their apo.

Before mag 2 si Bela, I asked her pedia na if that is normal kse medyo bulol at wala kami maintindihan sa sinasabi nya. Sabi naman nya ok lang daw yun, it is still normal if she can follow instructions naman and nakakapag salita naman ng 1-2 words.

Thanks din sa mga tips nyo ah. Minsan kse nakaka praning lalo na pag si mommy ko na nag wo-worry.

I decided cguro intayin ko na muna mag 3 or 4 years old sya bago ako mag consult sa speech path. As what I said in my post feeling ko naman talaga, there is nothing wrong with my daugther. Mga lola lang talaga ang na pra-praning.

Thanks ulit sa mga tips at comments nyo. I really appreciate it that you took time to answer my concern.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi abie,

sorry habol lang ng comment. just came from cebu..ngayon ko lang nakita ito. hehehe!

need not worry girl, think most of the moms said that na..kanya-kanya timing and phase each kid yan. bela is just normal as other kids.

to share, sam can speak clearly and can create few sentences but she's sometimes "bulol" with other words.I think she's having hard time with words with letter "r". Example: water..its easy to pronounce di ba, but she would always, as in always say W-A-T-O-Y! Funny and weird di ba? but she can clearly pronounce red, monster, rainbow etc... ewan ko ba if nagpa-pa cute lang ito si samantha! hahaha!

I know you'll hear other moms would be worried bakit di pa straight mag-talk si bela, and others may benchmark pa sila ng developmental stages ng mga anak nila...but you see, di pareho-pareho mga kids. Kaya unique and special sila. Otherwise, if expected na at a certain age "matatas" na communication skills di parang robot yun! may exact timing and phase hahaha!

basta sis, need not worry. Bela is definitely ok! :)

Mec said...

better late than never ryt?

i don't see anything wrong with drawing your pedia's attention to it first... if, based on her experience, she suggests that you consult a speech pathologist anyway, then do so...

is bela's bulol babbling a cause for concern... maybe...

but is it a cause for alarm? i don't think so especially given the great possibility that she's really just slower than her peers developing verbal acuity but will catch up in time, and especially if you consider the fact that we have come a long way in being able to give help to kids with special needs...

Princess said...

One of my grandsons has speech problem called Apraxia. My DIL takes him to a speech pathologist/therapist two times a week and I see great improvement. At this time and age, nothing is impossible anymore......