Monday, April 28, 2008

First Field Trip @ Manila Ocean Park – April 25

Bela had her first Field Trip with Toddlers Unlimited last Friday at the Manila Ocean Park. Call time was at 8:45 AM and when we arrived some of her classmates and Teacher Gabby (Toddler’s Unlimited Directress) was already there.

Since we have an advance booking, Teacher Gabby just claimed the entrance tickets and we we’re allowed to go inside the park at 9:00 AM even though the park opens at 10:00 AM so we have the whole park exclusively for Toddlers Unlimited students only for an hour. This is good since we we’re able to enjoy the park since it is not crowded.

Bela had so much fun since she really loves sea creatures. Her favorite were the stingrays since she can recognize it as Mr. Ray from the movie Finding Nemo. We we’re also able to see the Shark mascot and Bela was able to play with him and even had a pictorial with him.

Bela’s favorite was the big aquarium located at the last section of the park. She just stayed in front of that big fish tank for more than thirty minutes, I think. She happily watches the fishes and the sting rays, she sometimes run after the fishes; she also tried to pretend that she was tickling the fish. When I asked her to say goodbye to the fish because almost all her classmates went home already, she answered “No bye. Having fun.” And so we stayed for a couple more minutes until she felt tired already and asked for her milk.

The park was nice but there are still some attractions that are not yet open. We will definitely go back here when it is already fully operational.