Monday, December 24, 2007

Barney Live in Manila

We left the house at 5 Pm for the 7 PM show. I decided to leave early as I’m afraid that there might be a heavy traffic since it’s the Christmas season. But my dad knows a route where there is no traffic so we are already at Araneta by 5:30. We passed by at the main entrance to ask what time they will open the gate for the 7 PM show and then we head to Gateway for merienda. But Bela already saw the big screen showing the commercial for the Barney show inside the coliseum and so she was resiting when we are getting a seat at Pizza Hut to eat. Of course, the lolo gave in to his grand daughter’s whish and he said that we could go inside the coliseum na daw and he will just eat while waiting for us.

The gate is already open when we went back to the entrance and so we decided to go in na din. Thanks to Peachy’s tip, we we’re able to sneak in our SLR camera. Walang hassle at di ko na kailangang mag emote sa security guard. I just covered it with Bela’s diapers and the Barney stuffed toy and naipasok namin sya agad. (And maybe they’re more lenient na since it’s the last show na). Peachy gave me a tip also to go to the booth of Enfakid for a free pictorial with their Barney standee. So habang wala pang gaanong tao, we we’re able to avail of two free pictures from Enfakid. Then we just bought our food and went inside na.

Bela was starting to get a little scared when they dimmed the light inside when it’s almost time for the show to start. She wants me to carry her and she was hugging me and she was starting to have tantrums already. But right after seeing Barney when he came out of the stage, oh boy, she started to sing already and she was jumping with joy.

The Security permitted the kids to go in front of the stage. I tried to bring Bela there but she doesn’t want to be away from me and only kids are allowed to stay in front of the stage. So doon na lang kami umupo, sa center aisle ng first row. Pero noong medyo dumadami na yung tao, nag aya na si Bela back to our seats.

Naku, super sulit talaga yung ticket namin at super enjoy si Bela. She was dancing and singing and doing the action for the songs. After the show, she kept on saying “Watch Barney” and she was kissing and hugging her Barney stuffed toy. Hanggang sa car, nanggigigil sa tuwa at tili ng tili sabay kiss ulit kay Barney. Hay, like Joaqui, number one fan din talaga ni Barney si Bela.

Sharing some of the pictures that my sister took.

Side Kwento: While waiting for the show to start, there were staffs going around selling Barney souvenirs. I saw Bela standing in front of the staff selling the souvenirs and she was intently looking at the Barney items. So I asked her. “What do you want baby?” And then I told her she can get one thing there that she wants. She was holding a straw and right after hearing what I said, she immediately gave me the straw she was holding and then said “Ch-Chu.” (Thank You). Hay, nadurog na naman ang puso ko kaya kahit wala ako balak bumili dahil nga ang mahal (OA ang price), napabili tuloy ako ng plastic watch ng di oras kahit di ko type. LOL.