Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

Happy Holiday again to all my fellow bloggers. How has your Christmas been?

We had a busy holiday season. Howell arrived just in the nick of time last Dec 24. We first attended our Christmas eve mass at my alma mater at 8 PM. Then we had our dinner at my grand mother’s house and we left around 10:30 PM to fetch Howell at the airport. My cousin, my siblings and my aunts and uncles just waited for us at home while we fetch Howell at the airport. On our way to the airport, around 11 PM, I received a phone call from Howell. He’s here!! He was able to get out of the airport by 12 am and we hurriedly went home. Bela was still asleep and so he was not able to welcome her dad home.

Howell didn’t eat while he’s on the plane, as he is getting ready for his noche Buena. He immediately head to our dining room when we reached our grandmother’s house (he is that hungry). We had a short drinking session after and we went home around 2 AM so Howell can take a rest.

When we reached our house, he immediately unpacked his luggage so I can wrap all our gifts for Bela (talk bout cramming…hehehe). I finished packing around 3:30 AM and we both hit the sack after that.

Bela woke up early come Christmas day and she was all smiles after seeing her dad. She immediately asked her dad to carry her. We spent the entire day at home for our Christmas reunion. We had lunch first and then we proceeded to our traditional gift giving. Everybody was happy after opening their gifts, specially Bela who was really happy with her Pokemon collections from her Lola Jie.

Howell was already feeling sleepy around 2 PM and so is Bela. And so both of them had their afternoon nap while the rest of us when back to our grandmother’s house to watched the edited video of our HK Trip.

Bela woke up around 5 PM and we started to hit the road again to spend Christmas with Howell’s family in Tandang Sora, QC. We had dinner and Bela was the center of attention again as she is so proud and confident in showing all her tricks to her titos and titas and cousins. She was dancing the papaya dance, she was doing her review of all the shapes and colors, and she even showed them that she could count from 1-10. I was one proud mom again. We went home around 10 PM as we’re all tired and sleepy already.

Howell took a lot of pictures (yes, our photographer is back). Haven’t got the time to download it yet but I’ll post some pictures as soon as I can find the time to download it.

Happy Holidays again to everyone.