Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our weekend after Christmas

Last Saturday, we’re supposed to attend the free Christmas camp at the Little Gym at 10 Am but since Howell accepted a pre-nup shoot in the afternoon, we both got lazy to wake up early to attend the camp. Howell’s shoot will be at the Global Fun Carnival and so he’s asking us to go with him. But being yaya less, I can already imagine Bela tirelessly running around and I would be following her. So I thought it would just be one tiring day if we join Howell, so we just decided to stay at home and played with her new V smile-TV system.

Sunday, Howell has another pre-nup shoot again for their wedding on January 18. He left around 9 AM for the shoot and so we have to get up early. When he arrived, we immediately left to go to Rockwell. We had a nice photo shoot there as there are a lot of spots perfect for photo opps. I’ll have a separate kwento about this when I’m finished downloading all our pictures so I can post my kwento together with the pictures.

I checked some paid blogging sites and I only have one opps today. But that’s ok as I'm already sleepy and I still have to go to work tomorrow (tindi ng office ko noh?..LOL). So, good night everyone. Have to hit the sack now.