Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bela Turns 2 - @ Hospicio de San Jose/11.16.2007

This is another back track kwento about Bela’s second birthday celebration at Hospicio de San Jose last November 16, 2007 (which is actually her actual birthdate).

We started celebrating Bela’s birthday at our chosen orphanage last year when she turned 1 year old. Howell and I have long been wanting to do charity work but really can’t find the time to organize one. And so when we received the good news from Bela’s cardiologist that the hole is her heart in starting to close, we thought that this is a sign and a reminder to us that God is really good and with all the blessing that we have been receiving, it is but right to pay it forward and share our blessing to others.

And so for this year, we decided to celebrate again Bela’s second birthday with the kids at Hospicio de San Jose. Below is a slide show that I created containing pictures taken during the party. You can read a detailed story of how the party went here: