Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tito Jp’s Xmas Gift for Bela – TY Tito

We went to Greenhills yesterday to exchange the pants that I bought for Howell while he is gone. The size that I picked was too small for him. He has been pigging out when he was at US so he gained weight, thus, the pants that I bought for him won’t fit him. LOL.

After exchanging the pants, we drop by at our cell phone store to check on my brother. And guess what, he brought Bela to Toy Kingdom because he hasn’t bought a gift for her. He asked me what Bela wants and I can’t think of anything so I just told him to buy the Gazillion Bubble Maker. Unfortunately it is out of stock. So we went around to look for other items. My brother asked me if I want the TV Learning System (same as the V Smile TV Learning system) but I told him that Howell bought the V Smile TV learning System for Bela already. (So na diskubre ko tuloy na ganon pala kalaki budget nya…hehehe…). So I looked around for other stuff that I think Bela would love. And so I found this Leap Pad System.

They have a promo where it includes 3 books and a backpack. I showed it to my brother and he immediately said yes. Thanks bro, love you very much!! And the cartridges are on sale at 50% off (Buy 1 Take 1) so I bought two additional cartridges for Bela – Cars and Toy Story 2.

When we reached home, we immediately played with it. Even I loved it. Bela was so sleepy already but she doesn’t want to let go of her new toy. Sulit talaga tito ang gift mo. Thanks again bro.