Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend minus Dad

Saturday, Bela and I we’re supposed to go to my office to attend the Christmas party for the kids but I decided not to go as my dad still has toyo so nobody will be driving for us. I decided to go to Chinese na lang since it’s Bela’s schedule for her last IPD shot and her follow up check up with her Pedia Cardiologist. We we’re first in line for her Pedia cardio. Bela was so behave when Dr. Ty was checking on her. He was just standing up and was not resisting (not like her last check up with Dr. Ty). Dr. Ty even manage to check Bela’s heart rate using a device that he has to clip on one of Bela’s fingers.

I was so happy and relieved with Dr. Ty’s findings. Sabi nya, graduate na daw si Bela sa kanya. He gave us a certificate saying that Bela’s VSD is close and there is no need for a follow up check up. I was so happy talaga. This is really the best Christmas gift that we ever received.

After a visit to Dr. Ty, we went to her Pedia for her IPD shot. Bela’s not in the mood already so she really cried after the shot even if Dr. Sebastian gave her a lollipop.

Late in the evening, my SK friends started arriving as we have a small get together at our house. We just had a nice dinner, a few drinks and a few chit chats. Since all of them brought their kids, we finished early and party’s over around 12 AM.

Sunday, was Bela’s last class at Little Gym. We brought Bela’s gifts for Sandro, Julianne and Joaqui. Good thing all of them are present so we we’re able to distribute all our Christmas gifts. Bela also received presents from Sandro and Joaqui. Bela still hasn’t open your gifts yet as I want her to open it on Christmas day. But I’m sure Bela will definitely love your gifts. Thanks again guys.

After class, we just had a quick lunch at McDo and then dropped by at Shangri-la because I want to buy additional blouses for Bela (sabi ko na nga ba di ko pa din mapapanindigan yung sinabi ko na yung crocs na yung last shopping ko for Bela this year. LOL). While I was waiting in line to pay, I saw Santa passed by and I immediately call yaya Cris and Bela. And the little girl was not even afraid of Santa since right afte seeing him, she immediately approached him and even sit on his lap. I asked yaya to bring Bela to the booth where Santa is so she can take a picture of Bela with Santa. They even lined up twice as Bela was not contented with her first encounter with Santa. Sabi nga daw ni Santa after seeing Bela again for the second time, “It’s you again!”

Below are some pictures of Bela with Santa. Pardon the pictures as I just used my cellphone’s camera. Sorry, wala si dad, kaya wala kami photographer.hehehe.

.: love na love si Santa :.

.: one more picture with Santa :.