Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Gifts for Bela

Yippee, Howell was able to buy our Christmas gift for Bela already. Even before we found out that he will go to US for his training, we have been eyeing to buy the V Smile TV Learning system as our Christmas gift for Bela. And when I checked the Toys R Us online store, I discovered that it is only $50 compared to the P5000 price tag of V Smile here. So we will be able to save around P3000 if Howell can buy it there. So I have been bugging him to visit Target store to buy the V Smile and I told him that he have to buy it there by hook or by crook…hehehe

Since he plans to visit his relatives in NY over the weekend, he promised me that he will buy the V Smile at Toys R Us in NY. And so I was so happy when he told me last Sunday that he was able to buy the V Smile TV Learning system for Bela. He even bought 3 Cartridges for the V Smile since it’s almost 50% less than the price here. Since I have some $60 left in my pay pal account I asked him to buy additional cartridge for Bela and an aqua doodle (thanks for the suggestion Peachy) mini mat. And here are his purchases:

Hmm, looks like Bela will be opening a lot of gifts this Christmas. Sabi ko nga kay Howell dapat ata hindi naman ibigay lahat sa Christmas kse baka mag expect sya next year na ganon ulit kadami gifts nya. LOL.