Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sr. Prep Educational Trip

Hubby and I went to Puregold to do our groceries and at the same time, to buy for snacks that we will be bringing for Bela’s field trip tomorrow. Just look at home many stuff we will be bringing for just a whole day affair:

Ready na ang baon for field trip tom. 2 bags + SLR Camera. Good luck to me

I have one big bag which contains snacks, chips, cookies, juice, Bela’s PE uniform, and more and another bag for our packed lunch. I did not include in the picture the Digital SLR that hubby is asking me to bring tomorrow.

They will be going to:
1. Kinder Zoo and I am super excited for this as this is our first time here and I am sure Bela will enjoy this one as she just loves animals.
2. Pizza Hut, maybe they will be shown the actual procedure (and not just video presentation on lg lcd) on how a pizza is made
3. Seri Playground will be their last stop, which I think is inside Manila Ocean Park.

I am sure it will be one tiring day but I am super excited as I know Bela will have a blast as she enjoys her time with her teachers and her good friends.