Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bela, the Animal Lover

My Bela is one animal lover. Just look at some of her pictures. This one was taken in Ocean Adventure where she bravely went near a dolphin and have her picture taken as she touches the mouth of the dolphin:

The next one is also in Ocean Adventure where she got really excited upon meeting the sea lion of the center and was giddy happy when she received a sweet kiss from the friendly animal:

The third one is in Tagaytay Highlands where she was so brave to touch the python:

We have taken care of all sorts of animals in the house. We have a Labrador, a Shitzu, a number of fishes, even love birds and hamsters too. That is why hubby is really pursuing the backyard chicken coops in our vacation house in Bulacan. Not only will it be an added source of income for us but also we are sure that Bela will have fun as she watches the chicken lay eggs and how the mommies take care of their eggs. I remember, that part of our childhood was going to our grandmother’s farm to pick up eggs from the chicken coops and it is one of the most enjoyable activity that my siblings, my cousins and I enjoy every time we go home to our house in the suburbs for vacation.

I am not sure up to when will Bela have her love for animals. Who knows someday she will be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a veterinarian or animal trainer in Singapore Zoo (her favorite zoo), where she will be surrounded by animals every day.