Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being a Working Mom

If I will have it my way and if we can really afford it, I would rather be a work-at-home-mom instead so I can be with my kids 24x7. But that is not possible as I have to help my husband earn a living for the future of our kids.

Being a working mom entails a lot of challenges as I have to juggle my time between my online and offline work and my responsibilities for my husband and my kids. But I am thankful because there are a lot of tools that I can use like salesforce reporting that will simplify my task so I can still have time for my husband and my kids.

I feel really flattered when a friend of mine asked how I do it. She can’t imagine having a full time job but still ending up to have plenty of time to be hands on mom to her kids. I guess it is just time management and my pure love for my family.