Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet Beth, Bela's Flying Dragon

Bela received an Animaland Gift Certificate from her Tito Jp and Tita Grace last Christmas. She is really excited to use the gift certificate as Animaland is one of her favorite toy stores.

Since she has been doing well with her Kumon, we promised that we will take her to Robinsons Place after Cobi’s Gymboree class so she can buy any stuffed toy from Animaland using the GC. She was so giddy with excitement as soon as we reached Robinsons that Animaland was our first stop.

Since it is the year of the dragon, Animaland has a lot of new dragon stuffed toy to Bela’s delight as she has been looking for a flying dragon for a long time now so she got really excited when she saw one at Animaland.

She did not think twice and since she is a regular patron of Animaland, she knows the drill already and gave the stuffed toy to the attendant so they can start making her stuffed toy.

She named her flying dragon, Beth, and she sometimes calls Beth her lucky dragon because she said that 2012 is the Year of the Dragon.

Thanks again Tito Jp, Tita Grace, Izzie and Audrey for the gift.