Sunday, January 15, 2012

Her Christmas Gift

I know, I know it is not a good idea but hubby and I finally gave in and grant Bela’s wish for Christmas:

At happy si Bela, may wifi kaya nakaka YouTube sya while waiting for Cobi's class to finish

She actually did not ask for it but we always see her seating beside a stranger in malls, restaurants or any other public places if she sees them holding an iPad. She is just so fascinated with the games and the movies and all the cool stuff that an iPad can do that she can’t help herself and she will really take a look at the screen of anyone holding an iPad even if we tell her that it is not a good thing to do, several times.

She has really been a good elder sister to Cobi and she has been doing really well with school and with her Kumon that hubby and I decided that it will be the best reward for her. Besides we really don’t have any idea on what other thing to give her for Christmas and so to end our problem, we just went ahead and got her an iPad.

I wonder if there are pre-order video games that will work on the iPad. I don’t have to worry on the videos, as hubby is already ready with his tons of Disney and Pixar movies that he can load on Bela’s iPad.

Bela was really ecstatic when she opened her gift last Christmas and she was very thankful to us. I know she will really enjoy her new toy.


Raft3r said...

next time, iPad 3 na!