Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love for Arts and Crafts

Bela got his love for arts from her dad. During weekends, she and her dad would stay in one of our spare rooms where they can do arts and crafts. Howell believes that in order to instill the love for arts to Bela, we have to teach her as early as now.

Howell gives her full support to Bela that almost every weekend, he will go shopping for materials for their next project like colored paper, Water Soluble Solder Paste, sticks, cups, and any other thing that they can turn into art. Sometimes, they don’t even have to buy as they can get materials from recycled things like newspaper, old wood, old diskettes that we no longer need and many more.

Bela looks forward to our weekends as she is always excited to start a new project with her dad. Thankfully, my husband has a creative side in him that he and Bela never runs out of things to do. And would you believe that as early as now, they are already doing their Mother’s Day gift for me. And that is one project that I can't wait to see.