Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bela Lakwatsera

Bela: “Mom, can we go on a vacation?”
Me: “Yes, when dad comes back we will be staying in a hotel just like last time.”
Bela: “No, I want to go on a far, far away vacation then we will go to the beach and I will bring Ody (her toy pet dog).”

The problem is I am seven months pregnant now so I can’t go to places with long distance drive. The nearby resorts that I inquired to, like the resorts in Subic and Batangas, are already fully booked for all weekends until June. How I wish we have an RV with a mechanical breakdown insurance (which I heard is better than warranties because it covers cost for parts and labor, freedom to choose the RV repair center and the other benefits not covered by warranties). At least we don’t have to worry on a place to stay for the night since we can drive to whatever place we like and we can spend the night in our RV.

But I don’t think we can afford an RV for now so Bela has to wait a little longer before he can enjoy the beach. But don’t worry my darling as daddy promised a Boracay trip either end of 2010 or early 2011 so just be patient.