Saturday, March 27, 2010

Conversations with Bela

During the earthquake last Thursday, her Lola Jie asked her to go inside the house:

Lola Jie: “Go inside Bela, there is an earthquake. If there is an earthquake, you should pray.”
Bela: “No. When there is an earthquake, you should hide under the table.”
Lola Jie: “Who told you that? Teacher?”
Bela: “No, my mom.”

She has a book where it talks about earthquake and we were reading it the other night and I explained to her why there is an earthquake. She noticed the picture of people hiding under the table and so I explained to her why are they hiding. And she quickly picked up the idea that she even relayed it to her Lola Jie during last Thursday’s earthquake.


Bela :”Why do you have a new laptop mom? Did dad bought if for you?’
Me: “No, I just borrowed it.”
Bela: “Why can’t I have my own laptop mom?”

How I wish I could buy her one of those netbooks. She likes watching short movies in Youtube and she likes playing those online games that her cousins are playing. So every time she sees me using my laptop, she will sit on my laptop and starts to play with my laptop that I end up not being able to finish my work. But I think she is still too young to have her own laptop. Maybe I should buy myself a netbook and she can have my old laptop. LOL.


Bela: “Mom, can I watch Baby Einstein Planet. Please, please, please.”
Me: “No. It is already 10 PM so it is time to go to sleep already.”
Bela: “After watching mom, after. I promise I will go to sleep.”

And she started kissing and hugging me already so how can I say no.


Bela: “Mom, why do you have to go to the office? I need you. I will miss you.”
Me: “Because I need to earn money because everyday you are riding the kalesa so I need to get money from my boss so you can ride the kalesa.”
Bela: “Oh, ok.”