Saturday, March 20, 2010

Drum Lessons @ Yamaha School of Music

I promised Howell that I will work on the website for his online toy store while he is away. I need to check out to look at the site listed there where I can make directory submission so the new site that I am building will be indexed and cached right away by search engines so we can improve our web presence and positioning.

But I can’t concentrate on my HTML programming as I am also taking care of Bela as her lola is out so I decided that I will just blog about how her drum lessons are going.

Her first day was last February 13 but after more than a month, Bela just had two sessions. Bela was absent twice and her teacher was always absent too. Just like today, we went to school only to find out that her teacher is absent again. I talked to the one in charge of the schedule and requested that we just change Bela’s teacher. Next week, she will be with Teacher Solomon.

But so far, for the two sessions she had, the substitute teacher (yup, we haven’t met her real teacher since she started with the lesson . But I lover her substitute teacher and I wish he -Teacher Wil- was Bela's real teacher) was impressed with Bela as she knows how to follow instructions. I really don’t expect that Bela will really learn how to play the drums by the end of the 12 sessions. All we want is that she won’t loose her love for music and her interest in playing different musical instrument.


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