Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bela's Enopi WorkSheets

Bela has been under the Enopi program for Math and English since February at her school, MSS. When we talked to the admissions officer of St Scholastica, she reminded us that we should really take time to teach Bela how to write as it is really a requirement for their Jr. Prep class. Howell asked me to look for a tutor that will help Bela with her writing since Bela really has a problem in this area but instead of hiring a tutor, I thought of just enrolling her to the Enopi program since they have worksheets everyday which will train her for writing also.

These are some of her worksheets both for Math and English:

Bela has been really doing a good job and I think she really deserves a price (one of those Branson vacation packages perhaps? She has been asking us to take her on a vacation but sadly we can't go on a vacation with long travels because I am pregnant). She has improved a lot ever since we enrolled her to the Enopi program especially with her writing. Almost everyday they have a homework in Enopi and she can finish her worksheets in less than 5-10 minutes because she enjoys doing it that we don’t have to do all the tricks that we used to do before to convince her to write. I was even amazed that she even knows how to draw simple figures like cat, fish, airplane, giraffe, a figure of a boy and girl, a house, etc which I think is a really big improvement for her.

I did not enroll her for the Enopi program this summer but she is enrolled for the Magic Strokes and Reading Summer program at MSS. Hopefully by the end of summer, her writing skills will be enough already to prepare her for the big school