Friday, March 05, 2010

Online Shopping & Green Shopping

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that Howell ordered this online for Bela:
Howell has really been itching to buy this for Bela for the longest time already but I always manage to convince him otherwise as I know how big it is and we don’t have that space in our house for another big toy. But Howell said that Bela and our second baby will surely enjoy this radio flyer since they can both ride on it and they can even put all their toys and pull the radio flyer themselves while they are playing.

And I know my husband, if he wants something, he will surely find a way to convince me so I will finally said yes. And so when I finally did, he ordered it right away and I was surprised when I woke up the next day and he gave me the news that Bela’s radio flyer has already been shipped. Talked about excited huh. LOL.

Of course, he also bought something for himself, LOTR Gandalf 20” epic scale
But Howell said at least he was able to save the environment because he is doing some green shopping. I was checking the article about this from and it is interesting to know that 65% of the total carbon dioxide emission came from vehicles of customers driving to and from stores.

That is why online shopping really rocks. Aside from the wide selection that online shops like offers its customers, I even get free shipping and I get to do my part in saving the environment. So let’s shop online now!