Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun Weekend @ Pan Pacific

Last week, we spend our weekend at Pan Pacific hotel to grant Bela’s wish of going on a vacation. Days before that, Bela is always saying:

Bela: “Mom, how I wish I can go on a vacation so I can bring Ody (her toy dog) and we will have fun.”

Since Howell will be leaving and that Sunday will be Bela’s Moving Up Day Ceremony, spending overnight in a hotel is the closest that we can get in going on a vacation. Here are some pictures:

(Have you noticed my acne? I wonder if natural acne treatment is safe for pregnant women like me. I better read the reviews from to find out).

Bela had a time of her life, as she was able to enjoy swimming with her dad. Even her time at the bathtub the next day is also a very fun activity for her because she was playing with her new bath toys that we bought the night before at Robinsons Place when we had our dinner there. She also was able to swim again the next day while her dad was watching the Pacquiao – Clottey fight) Bela kept on saying that she hopes she can stay in the hotel forever. LOL. Howell promised her for another adventure when he comes back and I am sure no matter where that vacation might be, Bela will surely have fun.