Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bela's Clock Project

I was supposed to blog about this but I forgot about it as I got hooked reading the site and all their information about neck acne. I only remembered about this project after I received all of Bela’s projects from school when I attended her last PTC.

They usually don’t bring home assignments but one Friday, Bela went home with a paper plate and a note from teacher that we should help our daughter in making a clock that they will use in school to study how to read time. Of course the artistic dad got excited to do the project that he did it right away as soon as he arrived from work that Friday.

I printed the pictures and Howell planned to use it as the background for the paper plate before he paste the numbers in but Bela doesn’t want her picture to be used as background. She kept on saying “No dad, I am not a clock.” LOL. So what Howell did is used a cardboard and that is where he pasted the pictures and used the cardboard as the holder of the clock and this is the finished product, Howell’s labor of love for her Bela.

When Bela went home that Monday, she was so proud of her clock because it has been the class’s favorite because everybody was amazed with her picture with the dolphin and the elephant. Even her teacher told me that they always use it as a sample when teaching the kids how to tell time because Bela’s clock is bigger compared to her classmates’ and the numbers are readable. Of course, the daddy is so proud of her work of art.