Friday, March 19, 2010

Busy Summer for Bela

It will be a very busy summer for Bela. I have lined up number of activities for her:

1. Magic Strokes Class at MSS which will be from April 13 – May 14. This will be an everyday class and I am thinking of enrolling her to the 10 – 11:30 slot so she doesn’t need to wake up early.
2. Enopi Math & English program. This is an everyday class also at MSS and she will attend this class after her Magic Strokes class.
3. Drum Lessons at Yamaha School of Music every Saturday for thirty minutes. She actually started with her drum lessons last month but since we are always absent and her teacher has been absent once also, we still have 10 sessions left which means her drum lessons will last the whole summer also.
4. Swimming Class at Makati Shangri-La with Aqualogic every Friday for one hour.

Since most of the classes fall on a weekday, Bela’s grand parents will be the one taking Bela to her classes. (I guess I have to buy them hgh supplements to give them energy so they can cope up with Bela’s busy schedule. LOL. I have been reading the reviews about hgh supplements based on the testing done by experts and consumer feedback and I have listed the best hgh supplement that I can consider buying for Bela’s grand parents). Thank goodness that my dad agreed to take Bela to these classes even if Bela is supposed to be on vacation already (and it should be his day off in being Bela’s driver. LOL). Because if not, Bela will only have one activity for summer, which is her drum lessons, since it is the only class that I found with a schedule that falls on a weekend.

Bela for sure will have a very busy and productive summer.