Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Baby Shopping

Every Friday at 1:30, I am already off from work. Ever since I got pregnant, my dad together with Bela and my mom will fetch me from work as it is difficult to get a ride home during that time. Last Friday, they fetched me from work and my dad is in a good mood and has agreed to drive me to Hello Baby, the baby clothes store located in 48 Zodiac St in Bel-Air.

Hello Baby sells baby clothes with brands like Carters, Child of Mine, Precious Moments at a fraction of a price if I buy it at the mall. I wanted to go on a Friday sine I heard that it is just a small store so weekdays would be the best time to go so I can choose from mountains of baby clothes stored at their small store freely. And I ended up buying all of these for our baby boy:

Do you think I am one excited mommy? LOL. (Honestly as early as now I am imagining already how my kids will be like when they grow up. Will baby boy be like his dad who is a Computer Engineer or will he follow his uncle’s footsteps and take testosterone boosters to become a body builder or will he be like her uncle from my husband’s side and be a priest. But you know, no matter what road he wishes to take, Howell and I will just be here to support him all the way).

I was able to buy onesies, jump suits, bibs, towels, blankets, booties, mittens, bonnets, pair of shorts and shirts, blankets, burp pads and even cloth diapers. I was so happy with my purchase because I almost completed all the baby clothes that I need for our dear baby boy.

I uploaded the pictures right away, as I was really excited so hubby can take a look at it also. I only bought clothes with sizes for 0-6 months old baby so for sure I will be coming back at Hello Baby store again to shop for more clothes for baby boy.


Jason Matthew said...

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