Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yaya Stories Again

I brought home a laptop today so I can work at home during the weekend (I love the Jack Georges’ computer case of the laptop by the way and how I wish I have this for my laptop too. The leather is really of high quality and good craftsmanship.) You see I have been nanny less for more than a month now. (I stopped looking for one as I already gave up in finding the best nanny who will not make my head ache and will really take good care of Bela.) So during weekends, I have to take care of Bela which means I can’t work during the day since I have no PC at our sala. So I decided to bring a laptop home so I can work while I look after Bela and be productive during the day.

But since Howell is away, I really realized that it is difficult with out a nanny. Imagine, my tummy is so big already and I still have to be the one to give Bela a bath, wash her at night before going to bed, prepare her stuff, etc. I am not complaining as this gives me a good bonding time with my daughter but sometimes after a long day at the office I just want to take a rest as soon as I reached home. And doing this is even more difficult now that I am already 7 months pregnant and my tummy is too big already that I am really having a hard time moving and doing the things that I can normally do without problems when I was not pregnant.

So now I am back looking for a nanny. I am really hoping and praying that I will find one before I give birth.