Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yaya Dilemma

I chatted with Howell almost the whole day today and our major topic of conversation was my complains about being yaya less. LOL. At first I liked the setup because it is less stressful, but now that Howell is away and my tummy is so big already, I realized that we really need to get a yaya.

I contacted an agency referred to me by an officemate and they have an available nanny to give to me. The problem is my parents don’t like the idea of getting a nanny from an agency as according to them, we never really can verify the records of the person. Especially they just heard from the news about a nanny who kidnapped the kids that she is taking care of.

But we have been waiting for more than a month now for referral from our friends but up to now, we are still nanny less. I am giving my parents until Monday to look for a nanny and if they still can’t find one, I will get the nanny from the agency. For our security if ever we get a nanny from an agency, we can just install convex mirror all around our house, interview the nanny that we will be getting and ask for police clearance and NBI clearance to check that she doesn’t have any criminal records, and I will ask my mom to be at our house even if I have a nanny already to monitor the nanny.

I will be giving birth soon and we plan to get another nanny before I give birth. Hopefully, we will find a reliable nanny for Bela soon and then our next project is to go look for another nanny for our baby boy.