Tuesday, March 09, 2010

For our Kids

Bela will have her moving up day ceremony on Sunday, March 14 at the Philam Life Theater. I read from their last week’s journal report that the kids are really practicing really hard to surprise us, parents.

I can’t believe that a year just passed by like that. By June, Bela will be an incoming Kinder student already and she will now move to big school. Because of this, Howell and I realized that our kids will be growing up really fast and so we really have to prepare for their future.

That is why as early as now hubby and I have been looking at other investment options. Our friend who is into gold investments suggested that we start to buy gold coins as the value of coins is rising because of the decrease in value of the dollar. Our friend said there are companies like US Gold Bureau who can help us make our investment plan and they can even help us get the best gold value in the market.

Gold is really one of the best investments as it doesn’t depreciate in time and is easily convertible to cash. So if we want an investment that will surely secure our children’s future, then gold investment is the answer.