Saturday, March 27, 2010

MSS's Metamorphosis 2010

Bela had her Moving Up Day Ceremony last March 14, 2010 at Philam Life Theater. We came from Pan Pacific as we checked in there a day before so Howell can watch the Pacquaio – Clottey fight. Bela wanted to take a dip at the pool the morning of March 14th but the Pacquiao – Clottey fight took longer than we expected so Bela was able to swim around 1 PM already. The program starts at 2:30 PM, good thing I manage to convince her to get out of the pool and we made it just in time before the program starts.

I was worried that she might throw tantrums because she did not take a nap. Since it is the graduation of the graduating class, major part of the program was for them and Bela’s class performed in the middle of the program already. They dance to the tune of “A Whole New World” and Bela knows the lyrics of the songs and the dance steps by heart. Then after that, they recited the poem “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” They also had another performance at the end of the program where all the students performed to the tune of “Paraiso” and “Better World.”

There was also a part in the program where all the class where asked to stand up on stage one by one and each students were holding their Certificate of Completion. The Best in English and Best in Chinese award where also awarded per class. Bela received two awards: Wonderful World Learner Award – for her excellent work in Social Studies and Attentive Listener Award – for paying attention and listening so well to others. (I have made a separate post about her awards because Howell was a bit disappointed at how they give the awards to the students so you can read more about that here.).

After the event, we went to Hong Kong restaurant in Macapagal and met up with the rest of my family to celebrate Bela’s graduation and another special occasion.

You can view more pictures here.


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