Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last PTC @ MSS

I attended my last PTC at MSS last March 16 before going to my Ob for a check up. Howell already left for Micronesia so I was alone when I attended the PTC.

Teacher Sarah and Teacher Eulene discussed to me Bela’s quarterly assessment and showed me how she progress from the time she started at MSS up to her last day. (They actually discussed in detail Bela's progress but I will just post here some important comments from Teacher Sarah and Teacher Eulene.) According to Teacher Sarah, Bela started as the student who always says I don’t know during writing but then improved by gaining a little confidence and would ask for teacher’s help and her big improvement of learning to write on her own.

Teacher also mentioned that they would never forget Bela and her love in giving trivia. Such us when they asked Bela to name animals that can fly and Bela answered:

Bela: “Bats. Did you know that bats are nocturnal animals because they sleep during the day and is awake at night.”

Teacher Sarah and Teacher Eulene said that Bela is really ready for big school already which really is something that I want to hear because we are 100% sure now that she is going to big school this coming June. It is just a matter of choice between St. Theresa’s College and St Scholastica’s.