Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Play House Disney

This is Bela’s favorite channel now. She loves watching Thomas and Friends, Backyardigans, Little Einsteins, Jojo Circus, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Mickey Mouse Club House and a whole lot of shows. In fact I think she loves all the shows on the Play House Disney channel. What we like about the shows under this channel is that the shows are all educational and are for kids. Not like the cartoon network channel which have the Sponge Bob show and we find some of the scenes and languages there to be unfit and violent for kids.

But the problem is, that channel is not available in our subscription since we only have the Gold plan of Sky Cable. So there are times that Bela will stay in her lola’s house to watch and would not want to go home so she always ends up spending the night at her lola’s house.

We initially planned to upgrade our cable subscription last month but due to unexpected car repair expenses, we have to postpone our plan to upgrade our cable subscription.

Good thing now that Sky Cable is offering that channel until May 31 as part of their promotion of the Platinum plan. So my daughter gets to enjoy the shows under the play house Disney channel. Hopefully, before May 31, we will have the budget for our cable plan upgrade.


Dyes said...

hi abie!

what is its channel? we are so torn whether to shift to destiny or not. Disney playhouse or espn/star? i hope that skycable would air it for gold subscribers for free.


Your right about cartoon network... i dont like it too since they have cartoons like tom and gerry.. sure the cartoons looks amusing but, it is also violent. Jea particularly like, noddy and thomas and friends. Im lucky that it is included in our subscription...


julliefer said...

hi sis. this is the only channel that djuan watches. well, aside from occasional abs-cbn shows. hehe. actually he's not after the regular shows but the commercials. so even if we switch it to another channel as long as there's commercial in it he'd be happy to watch. i make it appoint i watch tv with him kasi nga i want to check if the shows are good for him. so far i've seen all the shows here and they're all good. here's some of the shows djuan and i enjoy watching: make way for noddy, thomas & friends, handy manny, five minutes more, tigger & pooh, mickey mouse clubhouse, fun song factory (but we rarely catch this one) and barney (i love the ending song. although djuan doesn't like this that much pa hehe). i once watched nick jr yata yun, basta the channel where spongebob is and i was so horrified that spongebob is holding a knife and he was trying to kill or slash somebody else's throat. que horror tlaga sis. hahaha! from then on, bilin ko na talaga sa bahay, disney playhouse lang as cartoon channel for djuan. if it's a local tv channel like abs or gma ok lang kasi commercials nga lang gusto nya dun. and this is free btw sa destiny cable. but i know you hate their internet service so much. hehehe. we used to be skycable subscribers but my parents got pissed with their service and not so good rates so we switched nga to destiny. we're happy naman with their service and rate. reklamo lang ni donar, wala daw myx channel. hehehe.