Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bela's Week 2 in Grade 1

Last Wednesday, Bela went home sad and she immediately told her lola when her lola fetched her that she had a bad day in school. It is because she received warnings from her Filipino and Math teacher.
When I asked her about it, she told me that her teacher kind of got a little mad at her when she rested her head on the table. Her teacher called her attention and Bela said that her teacher was asking her to move in front. Bela said that she refused to move because she doesn’t want to leave her proper seat. Bela did this not because she doesn’t want to follow her teacher but I know that she got scared already and she is trying to correct what she did by staying in her proper seat, and not move in front when she was asked by her teacher.

Bela also said that she cried during Math when her teacher asked her to repeat everything that she has done in her notebook. She said that she was too tired already and so she cried when she was asked to do it again.

Bela can be really playful at times and I know that Grade 1 is really a big adjustment for her. Imagine, from Prep when they have only two teachers (the adviser and the music teacher), they now have 8 different teachers so it is 8 different personalities that she has to adapt. I have spoken to Bela’s Prep teacher during the last PTC for Prep and have aired my concerns because I know Bela can still be a little immature for her age. But every time something like this happens, she always go home sad because I know she wanted to do the right thing.

My only sentiment is that I hope her teachers will not be that tough on her. I know this is a good learning experience for her but it is just the second week of school so I am hoping that they will give the kids a time to adjust, as I know that the transition to Grade 1 will really be a big adjustment not just for her, but also to all her classmates.

Bela is a smart girl and she is a good girl too. I have explained to her that teachers are the bosses when inside the classroom and she should not be doing anything else while her teacher is talking. I am sure if her teacher will just explain to her, she will understand and she will comply.

It pains me especially when I learned that she cried in class. This is a first time for Bela, as she never cried, ever, even when she started going to school at the age 2.5 so I really got worried. I know this are growing pains for her but I just hope that her teachers will also give her time to adjust and will help her in the transition process.