Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Week in Grade 1

Bela survived her first week in big school. It was an orientation week and a getting-to-know each other week, as they don’t have any formal lessons yet. I was with Bela on her first day and mostly, their teacher just gave the kids an orientation of the usual class routines.

Yesterday, I asked Bela what they did in class and she told me that they had a tour of the school so they won’t get lost. She was so excited as she tells me the story and she told me that some of her classmates were crying, as they are scared to get lost in school.

I was worried for Bela actually as I know that the setup in Grade 1 will have a huge difference when she was just in Jr and Sr Prep. But just like what my husband and my friends have been telling me, I should forget about negative thoughts and I should just have full confidence with my daughter.

I know they are right because I know that Bela is a smart girl and I should just let her spread her wings. Who knows someday she will have her own IT company with error and omission insurance so her company will be secure and stable no matter what happens, or she can be an artist or a writer.

But whatever Bela plans for her future, we her parents will just be here to support her all the way.