Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Bag for Grade 1

I was reading the memo that I received upon enrollment and I learned stroller bags are not allowed in school. I was worried at first as I just shopped for Bela’s things and she will have 15 books, 10 notebooks, 8 folders, and her other stuff like her pencil case plus a separate lunch bag, so I know that it will be a heavy load.

Thankfully I learned from Mrs. Del Rosario, Bela’s teacher in Prep, that they only need to bring home their notebooks everyday and the books will just be left in school. But still 9 notebooks is a lot so I have to buy a bigger bag for her. She only has small bags when she was in Kinder and Prep, which can’t accommodate her 9 notebooks.

Bela loves animals so I know a bag with animal prints will really make her feel excited to go to school. And so I ordered her bag from Beatrix and she was just the happiest when she saw it:
Ready for Schoola
It is a little pricey compared to her Skip Hop bags and I was not able to find any online coupon to get discounts but this is the only brand that I found which has animal prints and looks durable to hold her things.

I will be bringing Bela to school today. I am one excited and anxious mom.