Thursday, June 14, 2012

Her New Pet

Bela wishes to have a pet dog Chihuahua. We told her that we can probably give it to her on her birthday because (1) we still have to save so we can afford to buy the dog and (2) we still have to see if she can be responsible enough to take care of her own pet.

But everyday she won’t stop in trying to convince us to get her a pet and so to make her stop even just for a while and her price at the same time since she has been doing Kumon even while on vacation, we decided to bring her to Cartimar Pet Center to get her a pet. And just look at what she got: 

Bela likes this parrot. Pero need pa pagipunanSo we end up buying Mac & Polly, para pasok sa budget. Hehe

Love birds. Well this is the only pet that we can afford for now and at least this is low maintenance. LOL. But hubby and I are glad to see how happy and excited Bela is with her new pet.