Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bela's Thursday Schedule in School

Every Thursday, Bela will be in school the whole day from 7:20 Am to 4 PM compared to her regular schedule where she gets off from school at 1 PM or 12 noon. This means she has to eat lunch in school which worries me because she is a slow eater.

For her snacks alone, she will go home having only a bite of whatever she has for snacks and every time when I ask her why she did not finish her food, she will tell me that she did not have much time.

That is why we told her that she should learn to eat fast, by herself. Look at this picture:

We asked her to try eating chicken all by herself without yaya’s help. She was able to finish it….after almost an hour. LOL.

Hope she will imitate her classmates and she will be able to finish her lunch also. Otherwise she might loose weight again which I don't want to happen….:-(