Sunday, July 15, 2012

Her Current Read

Just look at Bela’s current read:

This is the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2013. Bela love to read. We are glad that we were able to instill that love in her and we did it by surrounding her with books at an early age. I remember when she was still small and still can’t read, she will ask us to read all the books in her “I Wonder Why” collection before we go to bed at night.

And now that she knows how to read, all the more she enjoys reading. We got this book when we went to Power Books in Serendra and would you believe that she chose this over a toy.

That is why I never think twice if she asks me to buy a book for her. No wonder she knows a lot of Trivia and her Developmental Pediatrician says that her logical thinking is really advance for her age.