Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Day High in Grade 1

I am in senti mode yesterday. I took a day off so I can take Bela to school as it is her first day after the summer vacation. I can’t believe that I already have a grade-schooler.

Parents were still allowed to enter the school grounds and so I was able to help her carry her things. She has a lot as she has 15 books, 9 notebooks and 9 folders. I guided her to her new classroom (which was the same room when she was in Jr. Prep) and helped her settle down in her chair. 

Senti mode: My GradeschoolerBack to schoolTeacher orienting the students with their daily routine

She asked me if I have no work and I told her that I took a day off so I can bring her to school. I asked her is she can already manage on her own on her second day and she confidently said yes.

I am a bit worried for her as this is a big school setup already. She will have 8 different teachers for all her 8 subjects. She will even have Filipino and Sibika at Kultura subjects now.

I still see her as my baby. But I know I can’t stop her from growing up. Soon she will be using pls laser for experiments in school, choose her course in college, and many more. 

My prayer for now is that she will be able to adjust well in this new setup. My husband was telling me that he knows that Bela will do well and I should not be worried. I guess what I am feeling now is just natural for mommies. I guess it is time for me to accept that Bela is no longer a baby and I should let her spread her wings.