Sunday, June 07, 2009

Officially a Preschooler

Last May 30 was the last day of enrollment at MSS, Bela’s new school for this coming school year. I have asked my mom to go to Bela’s school to enroll Bela as I have a party to attend to that day.

I had to wait until the last day to enroll Bela because like what I said before, I am still thinking twice if we are making the right decision in moving her to a mix progressive and traditional school. But after talking to some of my friends like Jane and Jody, who have been in the same situation as I am, I got convinced that Bela will really have to adjust. eventually It may not be now, but she will be moving to a big school where the setup is totally different from a progressive school, so it is better that we let her adjust now than wait until it is time for her to move to big school.

I always ask Bela if she likes her new school and she always answer Yes so I guess she is really happy with her new school. But I just enrolled her for the first quarter as I am still not 100% happy with our decision. At least, if ever I see that Bela is really having a hard time and is not enjoying school, then I can just move her to another school and I don’t have to worry if I can get a refund from her tuition or not.

Her schedule will be from Monday to Friday at 8:30 AM. I made reservations for the 9 AM class last February but when I called MSS, I learned that the teacher for the 9 AM class is the teacher who commented that Bela is “makulit” (yup that’s her term) when I approached her on the first day of class to ask how's Bela at class. And since Bela’s personal choice is Teacher Sarah, who is her teacher during summer class for Magic Strokes, I decided to transfer her to the 8:30 AM schedule instead.

So there, looks like everything is settled and she is ready for her first day of school on June 16. Look at her wearing her school uniform. It is still a little loose so we have to send it for repair. But isn’t she just so cute? She is now officially, a preschooler.