Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Future Cecile Licad

I shot this video when she was just two years old.

At early age, we can already see her love for music just like her dad. Every time we go to our friend’s house, she will never fail to check out the piano of my friend and she will play piano non stop until it is time for us to go home.

Now that she is three years old, one of her favorite TV show on Playhouse Disney is the Little Einsteins. Quincy, one of the characters from the show, just loves to play musical instruments and I think letting Bela watched it has helped developed Bela into becoming a musically inclined kid. Would you believe she can identify all kinds of instruments from a saxophone, an oboe, a tuba, a guitar, a violin, snare drum, bass drum, etc. You name it and she can quickly identify each of the instruments. I don’t know the difference between a snare drum and a bass drum, let alone identify all the other instruments.

But I am really glad that she is developing a love for music. You see, that is one of my frustrations. LOL. So as early as now, I am checking out piano lessons already like the online piano lessons of Yoke Wong which I read is really an effective way to learn how to play the piano. Can you blame me? I don’t have any talents so I want my kids to be as talented as their father so I have to find ways to develop that talent in Bela. And that's our role right, to hone the gifts of our children.