Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For her 4th

June is almost over. The past three years, during this time, I am almost finish with all the preparations for Bela’s birthday. That is why the grand parents are already asking me when we had a family get together last time why I haven’t prepared for Bela’s 4th birthday party.

I have a few plans in mind actually:

1. We will just have a child birthday party in her school. We will still have kids party invitations that we will distribute to all her classmates and teachers, then I will just order food from Jollibee then I might get an entertainment like puppet show (if the school will allow and if the budget permits).

Then aside from her school party, we will make separate children birthday invitations to invite our relatives for her party at the orphanage. Just like what we always do every year, I will just book the birthday party package again from Jollibee and hold the party at the orphanage then we will just have a dinner with our relatives after the party.

2. My second option is I will just have a simple party at school then we will have a Jollibee party with all our close friends and relatives. Bela said that she likes to have an “Under the Sea” party with Sponge Bob, Patrick, Mr. Crab, Nemo, Dory and Octopus. LOL. Let’s see about that. But the last time we attended a Jollibee party, all the mascots are present and Bela had a great time so I am thinking of doing the same thing for her party.

Every time we have a party, we always made it a point to have personalized Invitations Kids Birthday. Hubby is always in charge of that but I am not sure if he has the time to do it this time as we are really busy especially that we are both back to school. So I am thinking of having it done by Express Invitations. I saw their site and they do all sorts of personalized invitations so at least that is one less thing to worry about.