Sunday, June 21, 2009

1st week at MSS - SY 2009 - 2010

Bela survived her first week at her new school. I did not take a leave on her first day and it was just her lola who brought her to school. I was on leave during her first day at summer class and I feel that she is almost adjusted to her new setup so I decided not to take a leave last week to bring Bela to school.

According to my mom she was so excited on her first day. She was already ready by 7:45 AM (her class starts at 8:30 AM so they leave the house around 8 AM), all dressed up in her uniform, and she even fetched her lola at their house and she was saying “Time for school, time for school.” She is also so happy that everybody was wearing the same clothes. Bela kept on saying “We are all wearing white and blue squares!”

I am glad also that the school purchased a thermal scanner in time for the opening of the school and all students including the fetchers, the parents and everybody who will be coming in and out of the school will be scanned first before allowed entry at the school premises. At least this will give us peace of mind that they are vigilant about H1N1 virus. But just the same, I plan to get a Blue Advantage health insurance for all of us so we will be sure that we are covered whatever happens. (Especially we might be going out of the country this August and September).

Every time we arrived home, I will interview Bela on what they did at school and she will excitedly share stories about what happened at school. Here are some of them:

Bela: “Mom we went to the library. We read books.”
(Every Wednesday is their Library day).

Bela: “I have a gift for daddy for daddy’s day.”
(They made a card for Father’s Day).

Bela: “Mom I am the leader. My classmates are following me.”
(I think everyday they are assigned to be the leader for a particular task).

I already received Bela’s first anecdotal report but it just discusses the activities that they did at school and is not particularly written for Bela. I was so amazed also as they have a Chinese lesson and Bela can already identify the Chinese characters for boy, girl, school, and teacher. Hopefully she is really having a good time at school…