Sunday, June 07, 2009

Short Summer Dress from Katrice Wear: Shipped

They’re here, the short summer dress that I ordered from Katrice Wear. As promised, Marissa was able to ship our dresses via JRS Express. She texted me Tuesday to inform me that she already shipped the dresses and by Wednesday, it was delivered at our doorstep.

I was so excited that I ripped open the package as soon as I saw it. I asked Bela that we try it on. Bela was already on her PJs and is sleepy already but wen she saw me wearing the dress, she was all up to trying her dress too. I have to do a little convincing though and I have to tell her that we have to try it on since we will be wearing it the next day when we go to the mall. And she said, “How about we wear it when we go to Singapore?” And I just said Yes, even though I don’t know when our next trip to Singapore will be. LOL.

I know Jane and Marissa carried the dress much better than I am. LOL. This made me realized that I really have to take diet pills since I am really gaining weight already. But good thing the style of the dress is a little loose so my tummy is not showing. But I love it. I love it so much that Bela and I wore it the next day when we accompanied my brother for his Pamanhikan. Howell haven’t downloaded the pictures yet but here is our picture wearing the dresses after we tried it on the nigth that we received the package.


Jody said...

Aylabit! Gusto ko rin order! I will check it din nga!

Peachy said...

ako din , may size na kaya for Dom? hehe

mm said...

abie, nag order na dn me hehehe same color tyo kse yan nalng daw meron eh sana lng bagay dn sa akin=), i think i'll get it today o tom kse i just paid the bal yesterday =)