Sunday, June 07, 2009

Swimming Class @ Ace Water Spa

I noticed I haven’t posted pictures taken during Bela’s swimming lessons. Well actually she doesn’t have that much pictures because Howell was always working overtime during the first three sessions of Bela’s class so we don’t have a photographer. But here are some pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago(Pardon the pictures since some are a bit dark or blurred since I can’t find the right setting to take good pictures. I really have to buy my own point and shoot cam since I don’t think I will ever learn how to operate Howell’s SLR cam. LOL.:

Howell is really Bela’s official swimming buddy. I have to take his place only if he is working overtime on a weekend, otherwise, he has to be the one who will accompany Bela during class. I prefer it that way. Aside from the fact that the class is tiring (LOL), I want Howell to join Bela because she is not a control freak or an over protective dad like me. If Bela is with me during class, I feel that she is not enjoying that much because I have to stop her from doing things that she enjoys like swimming on her own because you know as a mom, I am paranoid that something bad will happen. But if she is with Howell, Howell lets her enjoy and have fun. (I admit, I am a corny mom. LOL). But I am just after her welfare you know.

Actually Bela is still not finish with her class. She only goes to class once a week and her class was canceled 4 times I think during the summer season so I think she will finish her class by July pa. This is just okay since I plan to enroll her to swimming class the whole year but I am still thinking if I will transfer her to Aqua Logic after her class with BLSS.


Jody said...

Saan may aqualogic beside from the one in Palms? Been wanting to enroll the kids there as well kaso layo lang ng Palms eh.