Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For Bela

My mom has been bugging me to buy a new earring for my daughter. You see she used to wear the earring that I handed down to her. Then I bought her a new pair but being the playful kid that she is, she lost the new earring that I bought for her.

Good thing I remembered Holsted Jewelers which was recommended to me by a friend. My friend showed me this site where she usually buys her jewelries and now I know why she is a loyal customer of Holsted Jewelers.

They have a wide range of designs that has been meticulously crafted by their designers. And since they have their own designers, all their jewelries are unique and something that you won’t find in a retail store. And the bonus is their jewelry sets are so affordable but I can be assured that it is of high quality.

I found a simple and classic earring for my daughter and I even found discount costume jewelry for myself. Do check out their site and I am sure you won’t leave their site without getting something from their collection.