Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green Cocoon's First Week

MSS have no official website and during class, parents are only allowed to bring their kids in the classroom and will just have to wait for them downstairs while the class is on-going. That is why when Teacher Sarah informed me during orientation that she set up a Multiply site where she will upload pictures taken during class, I was really thrilled as I at least will have an idea what is going on in class.

Here are some pictures that I snagged from the Green Cocoon’s multiply site:

.: @ the romp - Bela's Favorite :..: Doing her Chinese Worksheet :..: Listening to Teacher's Story during Library Day :..: Look how big Bela's classmates are :..: Bela making her Father's Day Card :..: In the Computer Room :.
I got excited upon seeing the picture of Bela looking like a pro when she was in front of the computer at school. Now I know why Bela likes to play with our computer every time she sees me working on my laptop. She will tell me that she wants to play with letters and numbers. And I am so glad that at least basing from the pictures, looks like she is indeed having fun at school.


Jody said...

wow! may chinese class sila!

Jody said...

grabe kids ngayon ano, ako din I am suprised may computer class na sila margaux!