Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY Stage Décor

I am working on a tight budget for Bela’s 7th birthday party because I chose to splurge on one item for the party, as per Bela’s request. That is why I am looking for ways on how to save but still be able to have a memorable party for my daughter.

One of the things that I am planning to scrimp the budget on is the stage backdrop. I found a better alternative to achieve the rock star concert look that we want without spending a lot but hubby is not agreeing with my plan. He finds it too bare, especially since we have a big stage to use.

We have been disagreeing for days now but looks like he will not give in to my request. He plans to take on a DIY project with my sister-in-law’s brother and they will be doing the styling for the stage, instead of getting the service of a party planner.
They went to the venue last Sunday and in fairness, I am happy and impressed with the design that they have in mind. Now all I need to do is get some packing materials to make sure that all the decors that they will create will be packed properly to avoid any damages as we transport it to the venue from our home. And of course, I have to pray that they will really be able to execute all their plans and finish this DIY project in time for Bela’s party, which is happening in 2 months.