Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Attempt for a Photo Shoot

Hubby has been really keen on finishing Bela’s photo shoot ASAP. He said that he will be busy and would be out of town the coming weeks and so he thinks that he will not have enough time for the shoot and to edit Bela’s AVP and MTV.

Since he was on training this week, he always came home early and so last Monday, they had their first attempt for a photo shoot:

Thanks to my sister and my mom who acted as Bela’s stylist and make up artist for the photo shoot. But they were able to start quiet late already, around 7:30ish that Bela was already feeling sleepy and tired since she came from school also.

So the result, epic fail. LOL. After just a few shots, Bela was complaining already and was not in the mood to pose.

I told hubby that we should do it on a weekend so Bela will still have the energy to be the star for that day.