Thursday, September 27, 2012

Satchel Bag from Sandy's Party

Just look at this cute satchel bags that Sandy gave for her female guests on her 7th birthday party:

Photo Credit: Jojo Francisco Photography
The girls, including my Bela, just loves it.
Photo Credit: Jojo Francisco Photography
I have been looking for a small satchel bag for Bela but I can’t seem to find a smaller version that will fit her. Thanks to Joy and Sandy, I don’t have to buy one for Bela as we got it as our souvenir for Sandy’s party.

Bela loves using it every chance she got that is why I am researching about painting leather as I fear I may have to do this soon if Bela’s satchel bag will get worn out and dirty (which is really possible, specially since she carries this bag everywhere she goes).

Thanks again Sandy, Joy, Sherwin and Meg for inviting us to the party and thanks for this cute satchel bag for Bela.