Thursday, September 13, 2012

Party Preps Update: Souvenirs

It was a productive weekend for me in terms of the party preparations for Bela’s 7th birthday. I have been looking for the best souvenir that will match our Rock Star concert theme that will fall within my budget and I must say that it was a great challenge. I was already set on ordering a personalized souvenir from one of my party planner friends even if it is a little bit way over my budget but thankfully, my sister-in-law found a shop where we can buy the souvenir for Bela’s birthday.

We have been postponing on visiting the shop as our weekends are always full but since we were in the Pasig area last Sunday after attending the Baby Shower of Jody and Dicky at El Pueblo, we were able to finally drop by the store in Greenhills. And we are glad that we did as we were only able to buy their last remaining stocks. Even their suppliers run out of stocks already (according to the owner of the store, Manny Pacquio bought 400 pieces of the same souvenir too).

Now all we need is a material handling rack to line up the souvenirs and prepare it for Bela’s party.

The party is just 2 months away and I am getting excited and stress out all at the same time. LOL