Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bela’s Grounded

Yup, Bela received her first real punishment last week. She has been so cranky lately, after our trip to Bicol that she will throw tantrums if she did not get what she wants, or she will pretend that she doesn’t hear us if we want her to do something or if we want to talk to her.

Bela's Grounded @ 6 Yrs Old

Just last week, we were having a hard time making her sit down and eat, do her assignment and make her stop from doing her new nasty habit of licking her lips. So I got so tired of our everyday routine of quarrelling and bargaining with her that I told her that she is grounded and she will not have any access to TV, her iTouch or even go to malls for a week.

She cried at first but then I still did not give in and so she was able to accept her punishment. It is her third day already and she manages without TV and her iTouch and she is so conscious with her actions as she wants to make sure that she is being a good girl. Just like today, after her gymnastics class, we went to McDo for snacks and she asked me if she can play in the indoor play area beside McDo but I reminded her that she is still grounded and she can have her chance to play next week if I lift her punishment once I observe that she already learned her lesson. And she did not push her luck and just accepted what I told her.

Sometimes it is really better if we punish our kids once in a while.